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April 1964. A pharmaceutical cover-up pushes William Nolan to an impossible choice: implicate himself in a murder he did not commit or lose his family. Three generations later, Jordan Nolan finds a clue that could clear his great-grandfather and implicate a powerful leader in the drug industry.

Generations is a gripping, action-packed mystery debut from Kenny Sargent that you and your family will love. Read this "riveting, "fast-paced," and "heartwarming" page-turner today!

Immerse yourself in the full-cast, dramatized audiobook version of Generations: Those Who Don't Know History...May Live to See Tomorrow.

This is the story that Emmy award-winning producer Jess Stainbrook called, "riveting...a completely engrossing mystery."

Produced and directed by author Kenny Sargent, this "fascinating storyline" features sound effects and original music in an audiobook experience like no other!

Generations Trailer # 1

Generations Trailer # 2

Generations Sample Chapter

In this "incredible sequel" to Generations, Jordan Nolan and friends encounter a hitman’s revenge, while blackmail terrorizes the Senate, and two hackers face off in a battle of wits that could shake the foundations of the U.S. government.

In a zero-sum game, it’s winner take all.

Generations 2: The D.C. Gambit offers conflict, plot twists, and a deep redemptive story that will keep you turning the pages!

Coming Summer 2024. The highly anticipated sequel to Generations: Those Who Don't Know History May Live to See Tomorrow, but this time in a fully dramatized audiobook version.

Experience this gripping tale performed by a full cast of actors, complete with sound effects and Hollywood-style music.

Listen to the Trailer below!

Generations 2 Suspense Trailer

From award-winning author K.M. Weiland and Sargent Family Productions comes a magical and immersive audio dramatization of the Gaslamp fantasy, Wayfarer.

Set in 1820s London, this "movie-quality experience" tells the story of the world's first superhero.

With Hollywood-style music, creative sound design, and a full cast, Wayfarer is a heroic adventure you and your family will enjoy over and over!

Wayfarer Trailer # 1

Wayfarer Trailer # 2

Build yourself a Happily Ever After! What if you intentionally started preparing yourself now for the relationship you hope to have someday? It's like you are loving your husband before you even have one.

Read by author Kim Vollendorf, Loving Your Husband Before You Even Have One will help you start the process of building an enjoyable marriage today by embracing the life God has for you and by learning what makes lasting, loving relationships work.

Loving Your Husband Sample Chapter

Written by Sargent Family Productions Staff Writer and Creative Content Developer William Chad Newsom, Talking of Dragons takes a family-focused look at the children's books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis to provide insights and practical ideas for parents to create a storytelling culture in their homes. This is the book that Inklings scholar and Clyde S. Kilby Award winner Colin Duriez called an "excellent book for parents who wish to have a deep quality of communication with their children." LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE: GET YOUR COPY WHILE THEY LAST.

“Newsom understands the meaning of story for a Christian...we must always be vigilant—as parents, teachers, and Christians—about the books we read, the books our children read, and the books our friends read. As long as we rely on the Grace of the Logos, we will do well and good, and the whole of western and Christian civilization may very well be renewed, refreshed, and reformed. Armed with imagination and devout dedication to Christ, Tolkien, Lewis, and Newsom are leading the way."

Bradley J. Birzer, Russell Amos Kirk Chair in History at Hillsdale College, Fellow of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, author of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Sanctifying Myth: Understanding Middle Earth.

In Polycarp: The Crown of Fire, William Chad Newsom "weaves an action-filled story" to tell the tale of Polycarp of Smyrna, a disciple of the Apostle John who defied the Roman Empire itself for the sake of Christ. One of the most famous accounts of martyrdom in the early church, Polycarp: The Crown of Fire spans nearly 70 years in a sweeping tale of faith and courage. Don't miss this "...thrilling account of the history of the church in the very late first and early second centuries.”


 “I have taught AP-level courses for many years, and Polycarp: The Crown of Fire has many qualities that would even make it worthy of an AP class. As an English teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed the way you wove the story together. I was particularly impressed with the motifs in the novel you created by meaningful imagery and symbolism. The characterization was also very strong; you were able to take fragments of what we know about Polycarp, Papias, and others, and craft beautifully relatable characters. From a literary standpoint, I find the novel exquisite.”

Tag Green, Head of Middle School, Providence Christian School of Texas 

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