Our mission is simple: we aim to be a
trusted source of Christian entertainment.

What do we mean by trusted? We mean that we want to:

Glorify God

We desire to glorify God with both our content and how it's presented. We believe in the truth of God's word and that Jesus Christ is the only hope of salvation. From beginning to end, we believe in lifting the name of Jesus higher through each and every story.

Create High-Quality Fiction

As we believe in a creative, magnificent God, we aim to craft excellent stories through crisp writing and immersive audio production. We believe in quality and excellence at every stage of the process. We believe collaboration is essential for bringing forth the highest levels of quality.

Work With Others

Human beings are made in the image of God. All creativity comes from the One who created them, and creativity is best expressed in partnership with Him. Humans are also highly relational creatures. We believe in partnering with and helping others to best express their creative gifts.

Be Salt and Light

You can give one of our stories to an unsaved friend or relative and trust that it's "seasoned with salt." It won't preach at them, but it also won't be so watered-down or simply moral that there's no bridge to the gospel or the glory of God.

Be Realistic

We aim for witty dialogue, believable situations and characters, and realistic conflict. Because conflict drives story, and all conflict ultimately has its roots in sin and the Fall of Man, we believe stories should be gritty with strong oppositional forces. However, you can trust us to tell these stories in a wholesome way. In short, we won't slime you.

Show, Don't Tell

Themes or messages must be an authentic part of the story and not be tacked on in a way that makes you feel like the story is paused. Even though we strongly believe in preaching, stories are not a medium to preach. We trust the Holy Spirit to use our stories as part of a larger narrative in someone's life. Therefore, we don't believe we need to explain everything.