Kenny Sargent
Founder and CEO

Kenny loves Jesus, his family, great stories, good friends, strong coffee, and Kansas City barbecue.

In 2011, God began to call him to become a Kingdom storyteller. Thus began a 10,000+ hour journey to learn the heart and craft of story.

As the author and producer of the Generations novels and dramatized audiobooks, Kenny's goal is to provide a holy entertainment experience to readers and listeners that takes them on an emotional ride and leaves them hopeful and thoroughly satisfied at the end.

Thomas Sargent
Lead Audio Director

Thomas is the lead audio director for Sargent Family Productions and has worked professionally for over six years. His material includes three full-cast audiobook experiences (directing one of them), two full-length albums, various advertisements, plays, personal projects, and way too many songs. He's also interned on the editing team for the NKJV audio recording on Dwell (it’s the Tonya voice). He has his own wedding filmmaking LLC, and has spent years studying film as well.


He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, daughter, and baby on the way.  He loves Jesus and hates bad screenplays. He’s great at dad jokes and horrible at golf. He’s writing a musical.

Samuel Sargent
Sound Engineer

One of Kenny's oldest sons, Samuel was raised with a healthy fondness and appetite for good storytelling.

He is currently working on the team as a sound engineer and is excited to help bring this tale to life.

A father of two, Samuel is already raising the next generation on a healthy diet of stories, and writes his own while they sleep.

Jackson (Jeex) Barlau
Assistant Director

Jeex Barlau has over 10 years of performing arts experience but finds that his passion is specializing in the tech and production aspect of storytelling. He has held several assistant director and tech director roles over the years. An automotive mechanic by trade, he finds the hands-on aspect of performing arts is the most rewarding. 


The nickname Jeex came from his dad who started calling him that at the age of 4. It’s still a mystery as to how he came up with it. The name stuck in case you couldn’t tell. Some people don’t even know Jeex’s real name is Jackson.


Jeex plays the role of Deputy O’Brien in the Generations series and assisted Kenny in the finalizing of auditions for Generations 2. He loves the outdoors and driving fast BMWs. He also may or may not have an addiction to building Lego.

Zach Freeman
Chief Editor

From a young age, Zach has had a passion for anything audio—especially music. As a toddler, he would play with one toy while listening to classical pieces for long periods. He started learning piano at age 6 1/2, for which listening carefully was essential.

At the same time, he grew up with the classics of Christian audio - Adventures in Odyssey, The Kingdom Series, The Adventures of G.A. Henty, and more.

These two paths intersected when he joined Sargent Family Productions. Currently the Chief Editor for 
Generations II, Zach is learning the ins and outs of audio design. He can't wait to continue growing in the creation of Story that glorifies God!

William Chad Newsom
Staff Writer
Creative Content Developer

Chad has been married for over 30 years, and he and his wife are raising and homeschooling their seven children. He loves writing stories and songs, playing guitar, and shooting basketball, and was once dunked on by a former NBA player.

He has written or contributed to a dozen books, one of which was translated into Turkish, along with a contribution to a French-language book on Tolkien. A novelist, voiceover artist, and former church drama director, Chad also spent seven years writing, directing, and performing company event comedy sketches for a Fortune 500 company.

Chad serves as staff writer and creative content developer for Sargent Family Productions, focusing on marketing, social media, and story development. He plays the roles of Senator Bonham and Agent Steele in the Generations 2: The D.C. Gambit audiobook. And he co-hosts the Bitlings podcast with Kenny Sargent.