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Published on 20 June 2024 at 18:06

First THree Episodes
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Hosted by Generations writer and director Kenny Sargent and author William Chad Newsom (Talking of Dragons: The Children’s Books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis), The Bitlings features lively and engaging weekly conversation on the best stories for your family—books, movies, and audio dramas.

Our focus on The Bitlings is on this simple question: Why Did We Love It? Rather than simply recapping (and thus spoiling) the entire plot—you can always watch movie trailers if you want that—we will instead talk about scenes, chapters, and character moments that simply knocked us out when we first encountered them; and which we still return to again and again because they changed our lives or our perspectives, or because they made us see something about life in a new way. Because we still love them.

We aim to pour that enthusiasm and love into each episode of The Bitlings, to perhaps kindle a flame in your own heart, and help you find another Story You Can Trust!

Our first five episodes take a look at key scenes in The Lord of the Rings. Check out the first three now by clicking here: The Bitlings Podcast.

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